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11 Best DLL Fixer Tools for Windows 10,7,XP

The DLL files are beneficial for the working of the operating systems and the programs. They induce efficiency, effectiveness and make more storage of the disk space available for use. In its absence, no system can start and process. However, certain errors prevail in the DLL files. These errors are of different types and occur for several different reasons.
There are several instances where the dependency of the .dll files breaks. In those instances, the DLL file errors appear. But, there is no need to worry. Sometimes the DLL files also contain malicious viruses and Trojans that reduce the computer’s clock speed and ultimately crash them or freezes the motherboard of the device. There are DLL fixer tools or DLL repair tools available for fixing the errors of the DLL files. You can repair DLLs with these tools and make your operating systems work efficiently.
Download the best fixer tool for the DLL file errors and get your device fixed quickly. If any further problems creep into your device, it would be not easy to bring the personal computer back to its normal working form.

Definition of DLL files

DLL expands to form Dynamic Link Library. Therefore, as the name suggests, it is a library storehouse of data and codes. More than a single program can use the codes and data simultaneously. Every system requires DLL files to run. There are certain system files available for Windows. These system files are Dynamic Link Library files that have a short form of DLL files. These system files consist of specific codes and data required for certain specific functions of Windows. They are the instructions that the operating systems and the programs need to run appropriately.
These files end with a. DLL extension. They work and process according to the instructions of the DLL files. All the programs are separated in the form of different types of modules.

Why DLL files are so important for Windows PC?

The DLL files consist of these modules that appear commonly among the programs. Without these codes and data, the Windows functions cannot run. One DLL file depends upon other DLL files. However, when software cannot access the required DLL files, some DLL file errors start occurring. The use of DLL files has numerous benefits. The benefits include the following:
  • The DLL files help in enhancing the modularization of codes.
  • The .dll files help in reusing the codes.
  • They reduce the used disk space.
  • They lead to the efficient use of the memory of the operating systems.
  • They appear as easy ways of sharing codes.
All these benefits from the DLL files make the operating systems and the programs efficient. Additionally, they help in maintaining the lightweight of the operating systems and the programs. The DLL files are essential and beneficial for the operating systems and the programs. Therefore, using DLL files enhances the working of the programs and the operating systems.
They install and load faster than before. They work faster and more smoothly than before. They utilize less disk space than before which helps in preventing the operating system from becoming full. However, certain DLL errors occur due to their inaccessibility. So here is what exactly DLL errors means.

What DLL Error means?

You require Windows DLL fixer tools when you face any DLL file error. The DLL files are easy ways of sharing codes, but they come with certain problems and errors. Sometimes, the DLL files required for the functioning of a particular operating system or program are unavailable. This gives rise to certain DLL file errors. DLL files are not independent. They generate dependency when they are in use. Some other programs may use the same DLL file and alter the file’s content or delete it. Then, the dependency of the previous program is broken.
Therefore, it leads to the formation of DLL file errors, and the previous program terminates functioning. The dependency is terminated in several scenarios.
These include the following-
  • When you repair any problem that is present in a dependent DLL file.
  • When a DLL file upgrades when some other programs use it.
  • When you accidentally or willingly remove a dependent DLL file from the operating system.
In such instances, you face DLL errors. There are tools available for repairing DLL files in Windows 7 and other Windows versions.
The DLL file errors deduce the benefits that the DLL files provide. The DLL files are no longer able to make the processing of the operating systems and programs efficient. They may take a long time to load and run. They may consume more space on the disk of the operating system than before. There you need to find measures to repair .dll files. The errors of DLL files are common. However, in extreme scenarios, they may lead to crashing the systems or making your operating system corrupted. Therefore, you should repair DLL files.
There are several tools available for repairing .dll files. You have to opt for one of the several repair tools available for the DLL files. They help you in restoring the efficiency of the operating system and help the programs to run smoothly.

What are the causes of DLL Errors?

DLL errors are major problems that the files inside the devices face. Once you open the file, the windows screen pops up and shows that the individual DLL file is missing and has caused the file to crash. This might be harmful and alarming for your computer because misuse of DLL files damages various pieces and parts of the software tools.

  1. DLL file deleted by accident: This is a major problem that most people face. By mistake, while uninstalling an application, the DLL file gets corrupted or deleted. This might freeze some files on the device, and you can’t access those files since the DLL file is missing.
  2. Presence of a faulty application: Apart from deletion of files, sometimes due to a faulty application or software that has malware inside it might lead to the deletion of DLL files. You must always access all repair tools to recover the lost DLL files and also remove the harmful malware from your device with ease.
  3. Registry links to damaged DLL files: Sometimes, the device contains a registry, and the registry refers to a damaged or crashed DLL file. Reference to the crashed DLL files might harm your computer and prevent some applications from working in the background.
  4. A malicious virus freezes DLL files: The DLL files that are mostly installed directly from the internet contain malicious viruses. Therefore, it is better to use a free dll repair tool for your device so that the DLL files you install are free from viruses and do not corrupt your device.
  5. Installing newer applications replaces the older dll files: While installing a new application, make sure that the older dll files installed on your device do not get damaged. The old DLL files might have been a reference for other device files that will not work if they are deleted. Use a free dll repair tool for Windows 10 to recover the lost files without any hassle.

An important problem related to the DLL files is once they get into your device, get them repaired before more of them start entering your personal computer. It will prevent you from doing your work or playing games on the computer. You must download the DLL repair tool-free and fix the errors effectively and quickly.

Most common DLL error messages:

DLL errors include missing files, malicious malware, Windows registry and some kind of hardware issues. Let us look into some common DLL errors that most people face in everyday life while working on their devices.

  1. DLL not found error:
    This is the most common DLL file error tackled by every person who works on their devices every day. Sometimes the DLL files go missing on your device due to the download of a new application. It might also get deleted while you were going to delete some other files. Some common messages include “Xvidcore.dll not found”, “Msvcr71. Dll not found”, “Msvcr80.dll not found”, and others. Download the best dll fixing software and repair DLL files for free.
  2. Runtime dll error is also called rundll error:
    The rundll errors are caused mostly due to the presence of harmful and malicious viruses in the computers. Malware virus is the most common virus that causes the rundll errors. It deletes the dll files deliberately and causes problems inside the device. Some common messages displayed by the computer while tackling this error are “Rundll. Error loading”, and then it says that the model could not be found on the device.
  3. DLL loading error:
    The DLL files might sometimes get corrupted or might not be compatible with newer versions of Windows. Nowadays, some of the newer devices face these problems, especially those equipped with Windows 10 operating system. The message displayed by the computer while tackling this error is “Cannot load DLL”, or: DLL entry point not found”. You can install the best DLL fixing tools to repair all files from Windows 10 without any hesitation.

How to fix DLL errors?

It might happen that a DLL file is missing from your device or got corrupted due to some reason. There are few steps to follow. If they are properly followed, you can easily recover all files very quickly without any tension. Multiple free dll fixer tools help with windows dll repair.

  1. Execute an SFC Scanner: SFC scan is a very easy scan method that can be followed on any computer without installing any DLL repair kit. Just open the command prompt of your device with an admin login. Type “scan now” and press enters to execute a full device SFC scan to check for the malware and other viruses that are present inside your computer. It will also help you to trace if any DLL file is missing from your computer.
  2. Running DISM: Running DISM is also very easy, just like executing an SFC scanner. You can open the administrative command prompt and write “RestoreHealth”, and allow the computer to complete the process. Once the process is completed, restart your device. This process is essential if the SFC scanner fails to work and you need to search for an important DLL file. You can also use windows ten dll repair that has an SFC scanner and DISM feature.
  3. Manual downloading of the DLL file: Suppose you can’t find any substitute to recover the lost DLL file, download and install them manually from the internet. But make sure that there is no harmful malware present in the DLL file that you install manually. You can also use dll repair tool-free to download the DLL files. One advantage of these tools is that they ensure no virus is present in the dll file. If you are not comfortable downloading the DLL file from the internet, you can also get them from any other running device.
  4. Disable the antivirus: According to the users’ response, sometimes running off the antivirus software interferes with the C++ redistributes and causes errors in the DLL files. You can install the best dll repair tool for repairing dll files. If the antivirus interferes with the DLL files, deactivate them and try to work. You can also use a removal tool and remove all the junk files linked with the antivirus.
  5. Install DirectX software: If the dll files are missing on your computer, you can install DirectX to recover your deleted dll files. Sometimes the users get error messages from the computers while playing games or opening some applications. You need to install the newer version of DirectX to get it solved in a quick time. The dll fixing tools also allow you to download DirectX directly through their software.
  6. System Restore: System resotre to previous date can restore the deleted or corrupted DLL files. This is considered as the best way to resolve the errors related to any DLL files.
  7. Running third-party DLL fixer tool: There are multiple third-party dll fixing tools or software that are available on the internet. It will easily help you to fix any missing or broken dll files. In my opinion, glary soft is a quality dll repair kit for Windows that can easily fix the DLL files that are missing on your computer. You just need to follow the basic steps and install the DLL repair tool to recover the lost files.

What is best DLL fixer tool?

Here we have listed best DLL repair tool to rescue your device from corrupted or deleted DLL file errors.

  1. DLL Care Pro: Easy to use software for restoring missing DLL files.
  2. Restoro: DLL fixer software which fixes other system issues as well.
  3. CCleaner: Most powerfull tool for fixing issues related to missing registry files, corrupted files, pc slowness. It creates a backup before updating any DLL files.
  4. DLL Suite: Dedicated software for solving DLL errors.
  5. DLL Helper: Search for the specific DLL file and reinstall it.
  6. Glarysoft Registry Repair: Not only a DLL file fixing tool but also cares for the personal computer as well.